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*The Maple Leaf Centre for Food Security will not be accepting Letters of Intent (LOIs) for Project Grants or Learning Grants within the Feed Opportunity Fund in fall 2023. *

We have taken a step back to learn and conduct research to help us to determine how our funding can be more effective in working towards reducing food insecurity in Canada.  While we do so, we have made the difficult decision not to open the LOI process for 2023.  We know that putting an LOI together takes significant time and effort.  Historically, less than 5% of LOIs submitted to us successfully receive a grant, we want to be respectful of funding seekers and make sure we’re as clear as possible in the future about the types of initiatives we are seeking to fund.

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Feed Opportunity Fund

Food insecurity, known as uncertain or inadequate access to the food needed for a healthy life, is a serious and growing problem in Canada. While lack of money to buy food is the single greatest cause of food insecurity, it can also be impacted by geography, health status, access to social supports, knowledge barriers, and structural racism.

The Centre supports the development of long-term strategies that can help overcome barriers to food security and reduce food insecurity for people across Canada. We invest in innovative research, collaborative learning, and impactful scale-oriented projects that seek to understand what is and isn’t effective at reducing food insecurity in Canada. We recognize that this level of impact requires efforts from multi-sectoral actors including business, governments, civil society, non-profit organizations, academics, and advocates.

The Feed Opportunity Fund is an open call for compelling ideas and approaches that can contribute to a reduction in food insecurity, so that more people in Canada have stable physical and economic access to enough nutritious and culturally appropriate food.