Funding Process

There is a two-step application process: the submission of a Letter of Intent (LOI) and a more detailed proposal. Applicants must be invited to submit a proposal following review of their LOI. The Centre’s Board of Directors reviews all proposals and is responsible for funding approvals.

Our next deadline to receive LOIs for the Project Grant stream will be November 12th 2021. We are not currently accepting applications for the Learning Grant stream.

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The LOI is an important step in our process as only some applicants will be invited to submit a formal proposal. The LOI should be no more than three pages and should address the following:

  • Lead organization and project partners
  • Type of grant requested (Note: Only the Project Grant Stream is accepting applications for this year)
  • Amount of funding requested and number of years funding is requested for
  • Brief overview of the project including its purpose, potential for impact and scalability, and alignment with the key focus areas listed on the “Apply for Funding” page. Include any rationale that has led you to this approach.
  • Overview of the people and/or organizations the project will reach and demonstrate support for the initiative from these groups
  • Expected project outcomes, what you hope to learn and how, and how it will benefit your organization and others engaged in advancing food security
  • Where applicable, additional sources of funding that support this initiative
  • The sustainability of the project after completion of Centre funding

After reviewing the LOIs, the Centre staff will follow up directly with organizations invited to submit formal proposals. Proposals will include greater detail on each of the sections in the LOI, and also include:

  • A logic model using a Centre template, including project activities, outputs and outcomes
  • A detailed budget for each year that funding is requested

After a proposal is received, it is reviewed by staff and a sub-committee of the Board. Centre staff will engage the applicant to address gaps and refine the proposal, which may result in several iterations of the proposal. Our partners tell us that this is a valuable process, as it helps to enhance the proposal and the outcomes of the project.

Upon approval of a proposal, an evaluation and learning plan will be completed by the partner and signed off on by the Centre team.

The 2021 application period is now closed.

Organizations who submit an LOI in November 2021 can expect to hear back from our team about the status of their application by mid-December 2021.