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The Centre commits $1.3 million to the Alex Community Health Centre, Community Food Centres Canada, and Food Banks Canada

Projects focus on wrap-around services for community health centre patients, a knowledge exchange initiative, and a research project to develop a material deprivation index for Canada

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Oct. 13, 2022 /CNW/ – (TSX: MFI) The Maple Leaf Centre for Food Security ("the Centre") today announced over $1.3 million worth of commitments to three partnerships with organizations seeking to alleviate food insecurity across Canada. Through the Feed Opportunity Fund, the Centre partners with organizations across Canada to identify interventions that can be scaled to address food insecurity.

"Our investments in these projects reflects the recognition that food-insecure folks need to be met where they’re at and receive support today – through the healthcare system as well as through community food organizations", from Sarah Stern, Leader of the Centre. "We also recognize the importance of investing in capacity building and research to be able to push for the longer-term systemic changes that will address root causes – including insufficient income".

With these new projects, the Centre has made granting commitments of nearly $11 million since its launch in late 2016. In addition to this, the Centre advocates for critical public policies and invests in research that advances the capacity of people and communities to achieve food security. You can learn more about the Centre’s work at

About the Centre’s newest partners and their projects:

The Alex Community Health Centre ("the Alex") is a non-profit health and social services organization that has provided integrated and accessible supports and thoughtful, comprehensive care to Calgarians for almost 50 years. The Centre will contribute to the Alex’s Community Wellness model that seeks to support low-income Calgarians with "wrap-around" services alongside medical care and to assessing the impact of these services on client food security outcomes. The Alex will integrate food access programming alongside services that will support clients with mental health management, substance use and addictions support, and social skill development. 

Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC) builds health, belonging and social justice in communities through the power of food. CFCC supports a network of Community Food Centres (CFCs), engages in research, as well as advocacy to address poverty and food insecurity in Canada. The Centre’s support will help CFCC grow the Knowledge Exchange program, which provides a platform and networking opportunities for food security organizations across Canada to build their knowledge and impact.

Food Banks Canada’s (FBC) supports the efforts of 4750 community organizations across Canada, advocates for meaningful actions that counter hunger and its root causes and studies the underlying causes of food insecurity. Food Banks Canada has partnered with the Environics Institute with the support of the Centre to develop a material deprivation index that will tell a more detailed story of the experience of poverty and food insecurity in Canada.

About the Maple Leaf Centre for Food Security

The Maple Leaf Centre for Food Security ("the Centre") is a registered charity committed to working collaboratively to reduce food insecurity in Canada by 50% by 2030. The Centre advocates for critical public policies and invests in knowledge building and programs that advance the capacity of people and communities to achieve sustainable food security. The Centre was created in 2016 and is governed by a board of directors, including four independent experts.

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SOURCE The Maple Leaf Centre For Action On Food Security

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October 13, 2022